Mentoring Services provided by FPA include;

Sourcing external funding training Workshops
Workshops are offered in the public domain and also in-house to enable staff to focus
on strategic issues in a confidential setting. Information on the training topics offered
is expanded in the documentation provided in the Training Registration section.

Facilitation of funding submissions
Large submissions can be daunting. The check lists and mentoring provided by FPA assist with documenting the critical path of activities required for successful-submission preparation. FPA staff can work in house with proponents preparing submissions or by distance using Skype or iPhone 4 technologies.

Customisation of operating systems to support strategic funding partnerships
Each organisation has its own unique culture and set of operating guide lines. FPA staff work with you to customise existing systems to support external funding partnership endeavours. Checklists and spreadsheets are provided in a format that allows ongoing customisation and development by the participating organisation

Preparation of community organisation/club management plans to support funding
Community groups are guided through the preparation of strategic management plans in order to increase their funding success rates. The strategic management plans specifically highlight areas of interest to funding bodies.

Strategic planning review
Successfully sourcing funding partnerships is linked directly to the strategic plan and direction of an organisation.The strategic plan is the road map that determines the direction of an organisation and mitigates the danger of mission drift. In distributing tax payer dollars funding bodies have a responsibility to ensure that this money will be used responsibly and for the greater public good. FPA assists organisations to review and drill down their strategic plans to identify tasks and projects that progress strategic objectives.

Conference presentations
FPA staff are happy to present on all aspects relating to the politics and art of sourcing strategic funding partnerships including the strategy for building a sustainable revenue stream from external funding opportunities.