Does your organisation require more revenue options to meet the increasing expectations and demands of the community?

you taking full advantage of the billions of dollars available each year from state and federal agencies?

Are you ready to be up-skilled:
- in how to develop a new and sustainable revenue stream for your
- accelerate the delivery of your programs and infrastructure
- receive your fair share of available government funding
- ensure better stewardship of your existing resources (dollars, time,
human resources)
- enhance your organisation's reputation as "good to do business with"

The business strategy that underpins this approach is user friendly and able to be customised and embedded within the culture and structure of each individual organisation.

Funding Partnerships Australia facilitates community and economic development by providing external grant funding training and mentoring to local government, community organisations and not for profits.


Each year billions of dollars are made available from government departments and agencies, trusts, foundations and corporate philanthropy for community development purposes.

With robust strategic planning, dedicated relationship mapping and management and leveraging of budgeted monies, this funding can be harnessed to produce a sustainable revenue stream.

FPA will Maximise YOUR funding opportunities by:
- helping you understand the processes involved in sourcing external
- identifying key activities and responsibilities that from part of the
formal grant process
- assisting you in producing a winning application that will set you apart
from your competitors.

FPA offers a range of services that can be delivered in house or by distance to satisfy your organisation's individual requirements

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